One of the ways to leverage location-based advertising, location-based marketing and proximity marketing is by using a geofence.

Brands are using this technique in increasing numbers to create more opportunities to engage their customers in real time and on-location.

Adding a geofence to location-based services takes LBA, LBM and proximity marketing to the next level of engagement.

With the majority of proximity marketing platforms, the GPS function in mobile devices allows apps to display listings and/or map points within proximity to their location. Basically, “Where am I and what’s near me?”

With geofence-enabled platforms, apps can display listings, map points within proximity to their location and each destination or business can establish a virtual perimeter around their location. Once this virtual perimeter (geofence) is crossed, a welcome message, offer or incentive from the business, or destination is automatically sent to the mobile device.

iPhone Screenshot 3Depending on how each destination uses it’s geofence, it can help to create new customer, member or fan opportunities and can increase brand loyalty; both of which help build stronger commerce relationships.

Part of the beauty of geofences is that they are a two-way street: Businesses and destinations offer timely and relevant info to consumers that are geographically nearby and who wish to receive information, incentives or other contextual messages based on their location, in real-time.

With LocalZonely, shoppers are expecting a geofence notice because they are using the app to locate deals and incentives near them.

Geofences can be used with:

  • Real estate agents and Home builders
  • Hospitals and Doctors’ offices
  • Schools and Universities
  • Sports stadiums and Special events
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Auto, boat, motorcycle and RV dealerships
  • Retail districts and Shopping malls
  • Municipalities, chambers of commerce, convention centers

What destination couldn’t use more customers, members or fans?

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